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  • We provide the highest standard of tuition for students from 4yrs-16yrs.
  • Student teaching programmes start from 16yrs
  • We offer teacher training & certification in our unique teaching method FlexYoStyle.
  • We run weekly classes LIVE in the studio. (Depending on restrictions)
  • NEW we are so proud to open our ONLINE Academy.
  • Our Online Academy has created the opportunity for new and fun ways in which we can learn, Improve and Master our Dance, Flexibility and Mindfulness.
  • Our Online Academy is open to EVERYBODY not just our in-class students. However, it is a great addition to those who take their dance serious and won't progress to the next level. It's also a fantastic option for those who just want to have fun and burn off some excess energy.
  • Check out our FREE 7 Day trial to get a taste of what we offer and if you like what you see why not join our online academy for just €15.00 per month. Only €10.50per month with a discount coupon.


  • Flex - which will work on stretching and strengthening the body & mind,
  • Yo - which teaches them how to be calm, still, relaxing the body and mind through mindful movement breathing & mini-meditations, and finally
  • Style - Because every BODY has its unique style. We want to empower and educate students and teachers alike to be the best that they can be and to fully equip our next generation of students and teachers with all the tools, they need to excel in the ever-changing dance industry. 

Kim is a dancer, choreographer, brand creator and Industry leader she holds a Licentiate qualification with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) in addition to her dance Kim is also a children's yoga can mindfulness instructor through cosmic kids yoga. In December 2019 Kim was awarded the coveted All Ireland, All-Star Business Award & Accreditation Kim is also a registered CPD certified service.

Kim has had an extensive professional career in dance that has extended over two decades. Kim has studied dance extensively and specialised in Freestyle, Street dance and theatre craft along with children yoga mindfulness and meditation. A powerful combination that would lead Kim to create Flex Yo Style a 3in1 approach to Dance, Fitness & Well-being.

In Sept 2019 after 22 years in business, many studies, research, and planning, FLEX YO STYLE was born and is now been launched into the world as a creative, inclusive and inspiring Dance Syllabus for students from 4-17yrs. Kim will be providing full training certification with franchise opportunities so she can teach, support and empower others to create a life they will love doing something that is so unbelievably rewarding.

- Kim Somers, Founder & Director of Ultraflex Dance Academy